Tip Calculator for Blackberry

The Tip Calculator for Blackberry will help you calculate tips or gratuity for the services rendered. It's great to use at restaurants, especially if you are dining with a group of people and need to split the bill and tip multiple ways. For example, let's say you are dining with 5 people - you, your spouse, your child, and two of your coworkers. At the end of the meal, you'll need to figure out how much tip to leave for the service and how to split the total bill with tip to be payed by 3 people (your family) and 2 people (your coworkers). This tip calculator will do a perfect job of not only calculating the tip, but also tell you how much your family needs to pay and how much is owed by the rest of the party. Download it and give it a try!

To download the calculator, you will need to open this page in a browser on your blackberry phone and click download link (or button below).

download tip calculator

Tip Calculator for Blackberry features:

  • Works on most blackberry phones.
  • It's free.
  • Rounds the calculated amout to full cents.
  • In case of multiple people, rounds the amout each persons owes to full cents.
  • Calculates amount owed for groups of people, not just one individual.
  • Distributed under popular Apache Version 2.0 license

download tip calculator

Screen Shots of the calculator

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Splash Screen
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Main Screen
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